• Tom Riley

ZX Spectrum Composite Mod

You ever plugged in an old console or computer via an RF connection only to be greeted with picture quality a little something like this?

I mean, it IS technically readable!

Not ideal by any stretch! Different RF cables and fine tuning the TV didn't help much, so its time to upgrade the video output on this little Spectum!

I forgot to take a picture before I started, but here are the nudes

See that little box in the top right?

This one!

Two wires enter this box on the left, one is a video feed, the other powers this whole RF modulator. So basically, this entire unit is just there to convert a nice digital video signal into an analogue one! So this mod is surprisingly easy - just route the video feed straight to the jack output bypassing the whole modulator! Anyway, enough words:

Power and video wires chopped!

Slightly messy solder work but it gets the job done!

Now all that was left was to hook it up to a TV, but we now use a composite (think the yellow wire from the red/white/yellow connections) straight into the TV and switch to the correct channel.....

Success! A lovely clear image!

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