• Tom Riley

N64 Analogue Stick Repair

Ah the Nintendo 64, a console who's 3 pronged controller still confuses people to this day! And while not the first instance of a thumbstick on a controller, it is the first popular home console to come with a controller that featured it.

However in hindsight, the design of the stick is unfortunately flawed. With time and use the parts inside the controller can wear down and cause the stick to sit very loosely and stop working properly, like this:

Very unresponsive! In games like Goldeneye this pad turns left faster than it does right!

I followed various YouTube tutorials and stuff on how to fix this issue but honestly, most were just bodge jobs and nothing truly solved the problem, which is the worn down parts but last year I finally found someone who was producing replacements! They work great as you will see but first lets get down to business.

Even in this image you can see how the stick doesn't centre properly

Don't worry, it's gonna get a big clean as I go along!

A really big clean...

With the housing taken out I can now crack it open

That horrbile gunk is thankfully just fragments of plastic!

On the right you can see one of the gears, and how worn it is. There is a gear for each axis and both will need replacing, just to show how worn these parts were I took a comparison photo.

I think the replacements are very accurate to the originals too!

Looking so much better now!

With the new gears in place, time to pop it all back together!

Nice and centered (if a blurry photo, oops)

Looking so much better with the clean too!

So there we have it, one very nicely refurbished N64 controller that works as good as new and is ready to be sold in store! But as well as my word I can offer you a Gif of the finished product!

Look at how quickly it snaps back to the center - perfect!

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