Gotham Games was opened in 2010, residing in the Cornhill Market in Lincoln. It provided a range of consoles - retro and modern - alongside games, DVDs and merchandise. When plans were proposed for the revival of the Cornhill area, dividing the market up as large units, the market stalls and shops either had to find new premises or face closure.
     During the summer of 2015 the staff worked tirelessly to get the new shop in order, ready to open 1st September. Over the course of the August bank holiday, fixtures and fittings were moved from the Cornhill to Guildhall Street - some in cars, some wheeled down the High Street - and the final evening before opening saw the stocking of shelves late into the night. 
     The shop on Guildhall Street consists of two floors, featuring multiple rooms on the first floor. It's a lot of space to fill, and still a work in progress. Downstairs features the majority of our modern stock, encapsulating the PS2/XBOX era through to the current generation. It's also where we showcase the more weird and rare items. Our Retro Room is just that; containing anything and everything considered retro, we take it as far back as is feasible. There's a variety of merchandise spotted about the shop which is ever-changing.
     With this additional space, we've managed to stick our fingers into areas we previously couldn't; repairing, refurbishing and modifying consoles, acquiring arcade cabinets for customers to play on... We also have a room for hire - The Asylum - which has hosted a variety of events, including Lincoln's Smash Brotherhood, Suzie Li Taxidermy and Preservation classes, as well as parties for the young and young at heart. We even got into 3D printing to create replacement battery covers for handheld consoles, display stands and more!
All of this means Gotham Games is ever-expanding and ever-changing. We hope you enjoy the ride!
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